How to wash and take care of your items

Read the care label
Always carefully read the label of your new item and check the washing instructions. Wash and treat the item according to the instructions on the label and enjoy the great quality of our clothes.

Wash at low temperature
Washing at low temperature is not only better for the environment, but also for your wardrobe. Low temperatures are better for keeping your clothes crisp and new.

Use a laundry bag
Wash clothes made from delicate materials such as wool in a laundry bag and enjoy your clothes for longer. 

Remove pilling
Pilling is a common occurrence in natural materials such as merino wool. Use a clothes shaver or a sweater stone and gently remove the pilling from your item. 

Fold your knitwear
Avoid hanging your knits, as they will lose their shape. Lay them flat to dry, and fold them neatly afterwards.                          

Air your clothes
Think twice before washing, as hanging a sweater or a pair of trousers out to air is often enough to regain a fresh feeling.

Be aware of sunlight
Sunlight can be very nice, but not for colours because they will fade in the sun.

Reduce fabric softener
Using too much softener can damage the fibres of some delicate fabrics such as wool, which can cause the material to lose its natural feeling and look.

Turn inside out
Wash your items inside out to protect the fabric from damage and to keep the colours as new as possible.

Wash with similar colours
Wash coloured clothes separately or with similar colours to prevent colour bleeding and fading. Be especially careful with new items when washing them for the first time. When in doubt, it’s better to wash them by hand.